Bayes Esports speaks with Esports World Cup to discuss recent data deal

With the inaugural Esports World Cup officially kicking off, Bayes Esports shares a Q&A between the data company and the Esports World Cup Foundation to delve deeper into their recent data partnership.

In the interview, Amir Mirzaee, Co-CEO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports and Mohammed Al Nimer, Sales Director at the Esports World Cup Foundation, discuss how the partnership occurred and the importance of using data to enhance integrity.

Bayes Esports and EWC
(ESI Illustration) Amir Mirzaee, Co-CEO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports (Left) and Mohammed Al Nimer, Sales Director at the Esports World Cup Foundation (Right). Image credit: Bayes Esports

The Esports World Cup is a multi-title esports event taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that will feature 21 different games and an overall prize pool of over $60m (~$47m). This cross-game competition format is incredibly unique and has never been done before at this scale. With the event expected to generate a large global viewership, it was essential the tournaments were built on fair and transparent practices – something only an official data partnership could deliver.

This is where Bayes Esports comes in to use data collected during the Esports World Cup to enhance community engagement and maintain integrity. Below is a Q&A that delves into Bayes Esports’ major partnership, providing additional details about how and why the collaboration has occurred.

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Bayes Esports: It has been announced that Bayes Esports has been selected as the Official Data Supplier for the inaugural Esports World Cup. Can you tell us a bit about how this partnership initially came about?

Amir Mirzaee: “Our collaboration with the Esports World Cup (EWC) builds on a strong foundation established in 2023 during Gamers8, where ESL FACEIT Group served as official match data service provider and Bayes Esports was the strategic service partner.

“Our partnership with the EWC was a natural progression, due to our longstanding reputation for protecting match data integrity and building community-engaging partnerships like we have with Google. 

“Both Bayes Esports and the Esports World Cup share a vision of building sustainable growth in the esports industry. As the EWC brings together esports fan bases, Bayes Esports aims to drive community engagement worldwide. To achieve this goal, we must ensure the reliability and integrity of the data that official data partnerships can provide.” 

Mohammed Al Nimer: “The partnership between Bayes Esports and the Esports World Cup resulted from a shared vision for integrity, innovation and excellence in the esports industry. Bayes Esports’ reputation for delivering high-quality data solutions and commitment to ensuring fair play perfectly aligned with ours.” 

Bayes Esports: How do you see this partnership unfolding in the future? 

Mirzaee: “The Esports World Cup is the first part of a long and exciting road ahead. As the event grows stronger each year, the IP of the event will also evolve. It is the first time 21 games are being united, and therefore the EWC will play a central role with game publishers. 

“As the Official Data Supplier, we want to equip them with the technology to make their data and media available to the entire esports fan base and community ecosystem. Back in 2022, we pioneered a match data portal with Riot Games which provided access to unique data points to pro teams, partners and fan experiences. We can also help make esports video content searchable and easier to share. The highly granular official data offers limitless possibilities for innovation.” 

Bayes Esports team
Bayes Esports’ team. Image credit: Bayes

Bayes Esports: The Esports World Cup has quite a unique format compared to other tournaments. Can you tell us more about the impact it will have on the esports community? 

Al Nimer: “The Esports World Cup is an unprecedented global event that celebrates esports fandom and competitive excellence. With the event, our vision is to accelerate the industry’s growth, leapfrog it, and create a platform that brings together the world’s best games, players, and clubs. 

“Hosting such a comprehensive tournament at scale is a strong way to help inspire fans to dream bigger about the future of esports. It provides a very real incentive for esports organizations and partners to further expand and invest in the industry, spurring the construction of sustainable infrastructure that will keep esports thriving for decades to come.”

Bayes Esports: Since this is the first Esports World Cup, why was it so important to the EWC Foundation to have an official data supplier and what made you select Bayes Esports?

Al Nimer: “The EWC approached Bayes Esports intending to leverage its expertise to enhance the tournament’s integrity and provide a superior experience to both fans and pro teams. The collaboration was a natural fit, as both parties were dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in esports data analytics.”

Image credit: Esports World Cup Foundation

Bayes Esports: How will this partnership support the EWC Foundation’s long-term vision of building a sustainable esports industry within Saudi Arabia and globally?

Mirzaee: “Official data partnerships are another revenue source for events like the Esports World Cup. It allows them to put more investment into supporting esports players, building bigger and better arenas, and throwing the most compelling tournaments. By equipping the Esports World Cup with a long-term global data infrastructure, Bayes Esports is helping provide standout experiences.

“Outside of the EWC, we see a unique opportunity in Saudi Arabia to drive for global sports data services and we’re very excited to offer our maximum support. Without a doubt, no geography in the world is investing as much in sports and entertainment as Saudi Arabia and we’re excited to support that future. 

“Moreover, bringing official data to the esports industry will boost the integrity of the entire industry, while building fair and transparent practices. We are leveraging our market monitoring capabilities to set the gold standard for match data use. We are closely collaborating with our mutual partner EFG, to prevent data abuse and ensure the industry operates at its highest ethical standards. We believe in the EWC to be one of the trailblazers in the space and appreciate them taking on this very important part of responsibility towards the sustainability of the esports industry.” 

Al Nimer: “The partnership with Bayes Esports is a key part of the EWC Foundation’s strategy to build a sustainable esports ecosystem. By leveraging Bayes Esports’ advanced data analytics and integrity services, the EWC can ensure that the tournament is conducted fairly and transparently. 

“This not only enhances the credibility of the event but also contributes to the overall growth and professionalisation of the esports industry. Furthermore, the innovative data products developed through this partnership can open up new avenues for fan engagement and revenue generation, supporting the long-term sustainability of esports both in Saudi Arabia and on the global stage.”

Bayes Esports: How important is it as an industry to prioritise match data integrity, especially when it comes to globally impactful events like the EWC? 

Mirzaee: “As the largest esports event ever held, the EWC’s unique format unites the global esports community and sets a precedent for future industry practices. This partnership reflects their commitment to upholding data integrity, and will serve as an example for other key players within the industry.” 

Al Nimer: “Ensuring match data integrity is paramount for the esports industry, particularly for high-profile events such as the EWC. The integrity of the competition is the foundation upon which the trust of players, fans, and stakeholders is built.”