Matchmaking platform Esportal partners with ad metrics tool Brand Metrics

esportal and brand metrics partnership announcement
Image credit: Esportal / Brand Metrics

Esports matchmaking platform Esportal has announced a partnership with Brand Metrics, a SaaS platform for digital advertising metrics.

The companies said the partnership would allow them to better measure the performance of advertising campaigns that are live on the Esportal platform, providing better value to advertisers and clients.

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Esportal is an esports matchmaking platform offering Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) and Dota 2 matchmaking services. The platform previously had a partnership with Danish esports organisation Astralis, and has worked with the likes of Emil ‘HeatoN’ Christensen, a well-known Counter-Strike veteran.

Esportal offers clients a chance to create co-branded events through its platform and allows partners to present their products to fans of CS2 and Dota, and better understanding of the advertisement’s performance is key for both Esportal and its partners.

The partnership with Brand Metrics is not focused on competition but on advertising. Esportal claims to be one of the first gaming platforms to offer brand lift measurement thanks to the partnership with Brand Metrics. Brand Lift is a metric that provides information on how much advertising affects the perception of a product or service.

Brand Metrics is a Swedish SaaS (software as a service) company that works with dozens of high-profile clients to calculate brand lift, including the likes of WeTransfer, The Guardian, New York Times, and others, but this is the first time the company is partnering with an esports company.

Felix Kaukiainen, Head of Marketing and Operations at Esportal, said: “With Brand Metrics, we are pioneering a new era where advertisers can clearly see the value of their investments and the influence they have on our passionate audience who spend time playing with their friends and interacting in sponsored events, offering our partners unparalleled insights into their campaign performance.”

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