Dragonn based FIFA drama

23 August 2016


Sean ‘Dragonn’ Allen, a professional FIFA player who represents West Ham United, became embroiled in some controversy this week after being accused of not paying out as promised. DragonnFIFA

Dani Hagebeuk took to Facebook to voice his anger after ‘Dragonn’ allegedly refused to pay out having lost an agreed ‘Best of Three for £100’ competitive FIFA tournament. Hagebeuk uploaded images of the results to back up his story.

He said: “I’m really disappointed and I think it is really stupid that he did this because getting the opportunity to play for FIFA for a big club like West Ham is really small.

“I hope everybody will share this because I don’t want to let him get away with this big scam.”

After finishing second in the 2016 FIFA Interactive World Cup in March, Londoner Allen was picked up by West Ham and now wears the official no.50 shirt of the club.

Mohamad Al-Bacha then became involved in the feud urging Allen to pay out the agreed amount. Al-Bacha later tweeted the following:


On Tuesday an official message from West Ham stated that the row had now been resolved.

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