Sporting Lisbon and Wolfsburg make esports history

12 August 2016


This Saturday will see a historic moment in esports with the FIFA representatives of two established football clubs facing each other for the first time ever. WolfsburgLisbonEsports

Wolfsburg has long been a presence in FIFA esports with two players on its roster in the form of Benedikt ‘SaLzor’ Saltzer and David ‘DaveBTW’ Bytheway. The former will face Sporting Lisbon’s Francisco ‘Quinzas’ Cruz tomorrow.

The Sporting Lisbon site announced the match with the following statement: “We are pleased to announce that, once again, the Sporting esports section is going to do something innovative and unheard of!

“For the first time in the history of esports, two clubs will play against each other! This Saturday, July 30th 2016, benefiting from the fact that the Football teams of Sporting Clube de Portugal and VfL Wolfsburg are playing against each other on Troféu Cinco Violinos, Sporting FIFA eSports Player Francisco “Quinzas” Cruz will take on the challenge from Benedikt “SaLz0r” Saltzer of VfL Wolfsburg!”

It continued: “There will be a series of events happening on Saturday, from 12pm, in Sporting’s José Alvalade VIP Hall so stay tuned to our social networks for more details on those events!”

Sporting Lisbon is a more recent entrant into the world of esports and whilst it currently only operates in FIFA there are plans to enter teams and players in other competitive gaming titles.

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