The chosen ones: ECS’ Community Caster Challenge

30 September 2016


Ever wanted to give shoutcasting a whirl? Well so have a lot of people, including Chris Kamara, but thanks to the Esports Championship Series (ECS), an esports initiative supported by both Twitch and FACEIT, a few more non pros will be given a major opportunity to show the world what they can do. 

Daniel Kapadia, ECS
Daniel Kapadia, ECS

The ECS has announced the winners of its Community Caster Challenge. The past fortnight has seen a grand total of 170 amateur casters streaming the ECS Development League live on Twitch.

Of these, and under the watchful eyes of Dan Kapadia and James Bardolph, four have been chosen and these four will get the chance to cast in upcoming second season of the ECS.

They are Joshua ‘Dowsey’ Dowsev, a 22 year old Australian, 21 year old Brit Jack Evans who started casting at Oxford University, William Robert Dallas III, a 29 year old from Kentucky and Jamie ‘SwitchBladeJay’ Martin, a 19 year who has done extensive casting at a grassroots level in the UK. 

Daniel Kapadia, ECS Professional Caster said: “We were blown away by the response from this amazing community. After the first evening we already had over 70 applicants which far exceeded our initial expectations! We had a blast watching everyone’s submissions and it is truly humbling to be able to provide an opportunity to these fantastic personalities.”

Michele Attisani, CBO and Co-Founder at FACEIT commented: “One thing that we wanted to make sure of, was not just supporting the successful applicants but also all the casters who worked hard and streamed regularly.

“Hosting the streamers and being a part of their chats was the first step, but we are also planning to support the most promising talent with structured feedback from our professional casters, FACEIT premiums and a few other goodies.”

All the chosen casters will head to London early next month to meet the team, and prepare for the next ECS season. 

Esports Insider says: A great competition and idea by the ECS team. Hopefully the performances of the selected four will encourage them to make the Community Caster Challenge an annual event.