Chris Grove joins Unikrn’s Board of Advisors

27 September 2016


Things have been quiet on the Unikrn front in recent months as the company builds new features and sets about opening a new office in Sydney. 

Chris Grove, Unikrn
Chris Grove, Unikrn

Some news has now been revealed though with CEO Rahul Sood confirming that Narus Advisors Partner and Eilers & Krejcik Gaming Senior Consultant Chris Groves has joined the company as Casino Integration Expert.

Sood stated: “There are few people as knowledgeable or passionate as Chris is about this space, and I’ve always known that I wanted to bring him on board with Unikrn in some capacity.”

Grove said of his own appointment and decision to join the firm: “I’ve never seen a vertical grow as quickly – and as organically – as esports gambling.

“But it’s obvious to me that traditional betting operators are having a difficult time digesting gaming culture and connecting with that demand. At the same time, almost all of the betting sites that have grown naturally out of the esports community are rough drafts of a product at best. More worryingly, these sites lack transparency, accountability, and basic protections to prevent fraud or underage play.”   

Groves continued: “The ideal operator for the esports gambling vertical, then, is one that blends the best of the traditional wagering world with a deep, native appreciation of video gaming culture.

“This operator will be able to offer feature-rich, esports betting products with meaningful consumer protections that also reflect the unique preferences of gamers. This operator can tap into the substantial overlap between gaming and gambling while also ensuring that minors and others who shouldn’t be gambling on esports aren’t. This operator will be capable of translating gambling to gaming, and gaming to gambling, a skill currently in short supply.”

He concluded: “I believe Unikrn is on the path to becoming that kind of operator. And that’s why I’ve accepted an offer to join the company’s Advisory Board in a role focused on Casino Integration.”