Cybersmile and ESL team up to stamp out online abuse

29 September 2016


Dan Raisbeck, Cybersmile

ESL and The Cybersmile Foundation have announced the launch of an exciting and much needed new partnership that is part of a wider incentive to address toxicity within the gaming and tech industries. 

ESL and Cybersmile will work together to make sure that everyone can enjoy everything that the world of technology in general has to offer without fear of threats and abuse.

Cybersmile, a registered charity in the US and UK, has been working hard to address online abuse in the competitive gaming space since early 2015, forming partnerships and working to develop solutions with leading tech organizations that include corporations such as Intel and Twitter.

As a clear leader in the esports scene, ESL’s support will widen the reach of Cybersmile resources for those who are affected by online abuse and promote positive gaming campaigns and experiences. Cybersmile will also increase its presence at ESL events around the world, further developing its role within the gaming and esports industries.

Craig Levine, CEO at ESL America said: “Everybody at ESL is delighted to start working with Cybersmile within this exciting new partnership. Their mission to equip vulnerable gamers and support players needing help with the necessary tools and advice sits perfectly with ESL’s commitment to fight toxicity and cyberbullying in esports and gaming. Exciting times ahead!” 

Dan Raisbeck, Co-Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation commented: “Becoming Official Charity Partner to ESL is a perfect fit for Cybersmile. Being able to engage with millions of gamers and the gaming industry as a whole in such a direct way is going to have a huge impact on our mission for truly diverse and inclusive gaming and esports environments.”

Esports Insider says: ESL signs a lot of partnerships but none that should have as wide reaching and positive an effect as this.  Misogny, racism, homophobia and hate speech are toxic elements that are not acceptable within gaming and need eradicating. Hopefully this partnership goes some way in achieving that.