EsportsTV expands throughout Europe

29 September 2016


24/7 esports channel esportsTV has agreed a deal with M7 group, the European satellite and IPTV operator, for it to be broadcast in HD on its platforms. tv

This will see the ESL channel being beamed onto screens in the Netherlands (Canal Digitaal), Slovakia (Skylink), Belgium (TV Vlaanderen) and Czech Republic (Skylink) with more to follow.

EsportsTV launched earlier this year in May and is already available on MTG’s Nordic and Baltic platforms and across other third parties too.

MTG CEO and President Jørgen Madsen Lindemann stated: “Esports is the world’s fastest growing professional sport and is expected to engage more than 250 million people already this year.

“It is also a hugely popular entertainment format that is pulling in massive online viewing and attracting big stadium audiences around the world, and esportsTV will raise awareness levels even further.”

Arnd Benninghoff, CEO of MTGx, is excited to bring esportsTV to even more countries and commented: “There is so much great content to share and this new partnership with M7 Group will bring the excitement of esports to even more TV homes and devices. The channel is attracting interest from everywhere and provides viewers with 24/7 access to esports coverage from around the world.”

Esports Insider says: Television is very much recognising that esports, and streaming platforms, are big challengers to its future and so is getting in now. Getting the content is one thing of course and actually pulling viewers away from the likes of Twitch and Youtube is another.