Newzoo’s Pieter van den Heuvel will give keynote address at eSports 2016

22 September 2016


Pieter van den Heuvel, Newzoo

Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc. has confirmed that Newzoo’s Market Analyst Pieter van den Heuvel will be the keynote speaker at eSports 2016 at the Strand Palace Hotel in London on Friday 23 September. 
eSports 2016 is a fast paced one day B2B industry event for executives and professionals in the esports business. It’s being run alongside the Daily Fantasy Expo at the same venue. Van Den Heuvel will give the keynote address to delegates in attendance on the 2016 state of the UK and European esports market.

This will doubtless be of considerable interest to a great many as an increasing number of brands looks to esports for a new way to engage with a younger demographic. 

Van Den Heuvel said of his decision to speak: “As the esports audience continues to grow, stakeholders within the industry, specifically publishers and brands, have increased their involvement within the space.

“In my presentation, besides giving a general overview of the global and European esports market, I will take a look at why publishers and brands are doubling down on their esports efforts, and what effect this will have on the other players in the market.”

Other speakers include ESL Co-Managing Director Spike Laurie, Owner of Sweetpatch TV David Witts and Esports Insider’s own Ollie Ring. 

Tickets are still available and you can find out more about the conference here