Scrub League Weekly – Does playing StarCraft II make you smarter?

19 September 2016


Scrub League starts off with a few laughs this week, as Kevin Hamilton explains to co-hosts Colin McNeil and Samantha Emann how one of the best Smash 4 players in the world was awarded a bag of rice for winning a recent tournament. Now that’s what we call going against the grain. 

Then it’s on to serious business as the Scrubs weigh in on the SMITE controversy that saw Hi-Rez ban Paradigm from all future events. Yikes.

Now imagine paying off your post-secondary tuition playing DOTA2. Or Hearthstone. Or StarCraft. It could actually happen. Scrub League chats with Neil Duffy from Collegiate StarLeague to find out how.

It’s pure mayhem as Colin, Kevin and Sam scream at each other about whether playing StarCraft II actually makes you smarter, as a recent university study suggests.

Later on, the Scrubs get skeptical about Riot’s claims that esports isn’t making any money for them, and marvel at how Twitch somehow democratically beat a chess grand-master at his own game.

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