WCA launches tri-nation CS:GO tournament

21 September 2016


An announcement came yesterday from the Chinese tournament organiser World Cyber Arena, that they will be launching a new tournament. The event, set to be taking place during the 12-18th October will be called the World Contest Championship of CS:GO, this nation-on-nation event is set to feature a ¥750,000 (£86,686) split into a prize pool for nations and teams, both based on wins.

The most we know is that the set-up will be a nine team tournament, with the teams coming from three different countries. China, Russia and the UK are set to be represented in the WCC. As of writing, only the qualifiers for Russia have been announced, operating on FACEIT and being controlled by WCA.

Qualifiers for the UK are set to be run by Gfinity. Information past that, including when the qualifiers will take place, however is yet to be announced. This will be updated when information on the WCA qualifiers is confirmed.

Information about the tournament itself is set to be announced in the coming days. As far as we know it’s set to be in Beijing, but the venue location is unknown. As for teams, the main assumption coming through is that each country will have three teams representing them. If Russia’s qualification system is to be assumed as the norm, then each country would have one team qualifying and then two being directly invited to the event.