Yahoo and Riot team up to deliver uLoL college event

20 September 2016


A partnership has been agreed between Yahoo Sports and League of Legends developer Riot Games to create a a tournament featuring teams from colleges in North America. ulolrivlaries

It’ll be called the University League of Legends Rivalries or uLoL, and will take place over a five week period which will kick off on November 4th.

League of Legends founders recently announced that the game now boasts over 100 million monthly players. Fans of League of Legends, and perhaps more specifically college students that are fans, will also be able to have their say on which match ups will appear in the first series by voting on Yahoo Esports. 

The Yahoo esports site had this to say about the new partnership: “This partnership is a result of our focus on bringing premium coverage to the most diehard sources of fandom in all of sports: college rivalries. University League of Legends is a network of student-run clubs created to support and empower League of Legends communities on college campuses across the U.S. and Canada.

“Riot’s uLoL team focuses on growing an ecosystem for passionate college players to celebrate and compete with each other. The uLoL Rivalries series will enable players and fans to engage with unique League coverage, media personalities and advertising sponsors, both online and in-person on campus.”