AS Monaco and Epsilon eSports announce partnership

After teasing big news about a partnership with a “historical football club”, Epsilon eSports have now announced that this club is AS Monaco. The move follows on from the e-Ligue 1 announcement, as a wider collection of clubs pick up FIFA players.

The player in question here is Nathan “Sneaky” Nayagom, a top four player in France. He joins the AS Monaco roster for the 2015/16 season. The move also comes ahead of the remaining e-Ligue 1 announcements at Paris Games Week this week.

The move is a notable one for Epsilon, who currently hold the player who is argued to be the current top player globally; Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing. Considering that the ESWC is coming up at the weekend, it’s important news to a team that lost one of their talents to PSG when they launched recently.

Greg Champagne, CEO of Epsilon eSports said: “I think about how far we’ve come since Epsilon Esports was created in 2007, we’re very proud to be associated with a historic European football club. It’s an honour to announce this collaboration with AS Monaco. Sport and esports are coming together for the greatest satisfaction of our fans. This is a wonderful opportunity to pool our talents in order to play an ever greater role in developing esports.”

Bruno Skropeta, Director of Communications & Marketing at AS Monaco added: “We are delighted to seal this partnership with Epsilon eSports, which will allow us to position ourselves as a key player in this sector in France and Europe. This opportunity will enable us to offer our fans a new experience. E-sport is a very young, fast-growing market and  this launch definitely represents a major milestone in the club’s digital strategy.”

The full announcement is available on both sites of AS Monaco and Epsilon eSports.

Esports Insider says: Another big move from football teams heading into esports. With the e-Ligue 1 leading the expansion, time will tell how the rest of European football reacts.