Dot Esports has left home and moved in with GAMURS

31 October 2016


Kevin Morris, Dot Esports

The Daily Dot has long been one of the most prominent online publications for all esports news with its Daily Dot Esports section, and as of Friday it has its independence via Dot Esports

It has long warranted its own space and this coming of age is long overdue; so henceforth all esports news from the same editorial and content team can be found at In a post by Editor-in-Chief of Dot Esports, Kevin Morris, it was also revealed that they have gained a new partner with GAMURS.

Morris said of this new link up: “When Riad Chikhani, the CEO of GAMURS, first approached us about an acquisition, the appeal was immediately obvious. GAMURS is an esports media company that’s committed to building the biggest network of esports sites on the internet.

“A network amplifies our own resources and gives us access to a much wider readership. What’s more, for the first time, we’ll have access to developers whose first priority is esports. We’re very excited about the potential community-building and data tools, among others, that we can develop with GAMURS.”

Reassuring Daily Dot fans that a new home doesn’t mean an overhaul, Morris commented: “Other than a new domain, don’t expect any major disruptions in the esports content you know and love. Our core team is sticking together. Our commitment to quality journalism is still here.

“Esports is an exciting, dramatic, explosively growing space, but we’re not just here for the ride. When I founded Dot Esports in December 2013, it was because I could see the space’s potential for journalism, for telling new stories in new forms that had never been seen before.”

Esports Insider says: The Daily Dot’s esports section has deserved its own space for some time now. This acquisition by GAMURS, and its subsequent independence, should stand it in good stead to keep quality content flowing. Cheers to that.