FirstBlood, Vantage Sports & Maestro will pitch at esports start up launchpad

18 October 2016


$50,000 and expert advice and assistance? Few start ups would say no, and three endemic esports companies have the chance to convince a panel why they should be the worthy recipients. 

Eunice Shin, Manatt Digital
Eunice Shin, Manatt Digital

Later this month (25-26) at the SLS Vegas the hotel will be chokablok with esports and gambling types as the Esports and Casino Resorts conference comes to town. Part of the conference is the Manatt Digital Start Up Launchpad competition with a prize package worth $50,000 and the three finalists, FirstBlood, Vantage and Maestro have now been revealed.

Eunice Shin, Managing Director, Manatt Digital said: “We were very impressed with the submissions that entered into our Manatt Startup Launchpad pitch competition.

“We look forward to hosting the pitch presentations and competition of FirstBlood, Maestro and Vantage at the inaugural Naruscope event. These strong contenders will be sure to excite and impress the attendees with the caliber of their solutions and offerings in this dynamic esports sector.”

Dozens of entries were reportedly received and these were whittled down to just three. FirstBlood is a ‘decentralized esports platform that lets players challenge each other in the field and win rewards’, Maestro ‘helps broadcasters maximize their strategies using a suite of engagement tools to delight and monetize fans while capturing robust audience behavioral data’, whilst Vantage Sports is ‘a training platform for League of Legends players who strive for excellence’. 

Each of these will pitch live at the event in what should make for a memorable part of the two day event. Narus Advisors’ Partner John Caldwell said: “Unfortunately, we had to cull it to three finalists, and I’m looking forward to what Maestro, FirstBlood and Vantage bring to the stage at Naruscope next week. The future of esports looks especially bright when viewed through the lens of these entrepreneurs.”

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Esports Insider says: Congratulations are already in order for the three finalists and regardless of the selected winner each will gain significant exposure to potential investors, advisors and partners. Of course the prize for the winner will be pretty sweet too…