EnVyUs investors launch ReKT, job board and agency

The venture capital firm, SierraMaya360, that invested a seven-figure sum into Team EnVyUs has launched a new job board and agency titled ‘ReKT‘. These are two different services, sharing the name but targeting the esports space.

The first site to focus on is ReKTJobs, which is essentially a job board focused on esports. The space already has the widely used Esports Career site, filled with a lot of the well known companies in industry. This site is different, as it has the background coming from the company who launched Millennium Search – a recruiting tool for the tech sector. Already featuring jobs from Twitch, EA, ESL and a lot more, the connections that SierraMaya brings seems to put it on par with the already established site, with similar numbers of openings listed on both.

ReKT Jobs logo
“ReKT” is one way of determining an easy win. Will ReKTJobs be able to match the winning nature of the name?

The focus of their site appears to be one of getting as many young, new faces into the industry as possible, as the press release states that they’re “looking to bridge the gap for employers and candidates in the booming eSports sector to reach Millennials which is the largest demographic in eSports.”

ReKT Agency, on the other hand, is geared towards organisations and teams. The main tagline listed on their site states that “ReKT Agency is the premiere eSports agency focused around solutions for Investors, Teams, Tournaments, Leagues, Venues, Due Diligence, Corporations and Sponsorships delivering Strategic Advisory Services backed by our teams successful track record.”. A bold claim for a site that has just launched, but considering that those behind it have recently invested in Team EnVyUs and as a venture capital firm they would have experience in many of the services they list on the site.

From content to acquisitions and helping tournaments being run, they’re setting themselves up to be a jack of all trades company, in order to gather the largest amount of clients in esports as possible. But having EnVy to look back on as a proof of concept of how they are able to run teams and gain sponsors, they would seem to set up as a successful agency in the long run.

Esports Insider says: The proof will be in the pudding for both of the sites. Their jobs site could very well be successful if they keep bringing up their links to companies that the Venture Capital firm has had links with in the past. The Agency would work depending on which focus they lead with. Sponsors or Acquistions – because the latter would see them on a collision course with IMG, who helped out in the Dignitas deal.