Photos, content & new titles – Have your say in the Esports Industry Awards

28 October 2016


The public has until November 19th to make their choice and decide the winners of three categories at this year’s Esports Industry Awards in London. 

They are ‘Esports Journalist of the Year’, ‘Esports Photographer of the Year’ and ‘New Esports Game of the Year’. The nominees for the jouro category are Richard Lewis, Duncan Shields, Jacob Wolff, Tyler Fionne Erzberger, Chris Higgins, Pip Warr, Chris Thursten and Stephen Wen ji-Chiu.

For best new title the public has to pick between FIFA 16, Rocket League, Street Fighter V, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Vainglory and, of course, Overwatch. With a meteoric rise in 2016 Overwatch looks the out and out favourite to take this award though Rocket League’s scene has also gathered momentum. 

Some of the esports photography on display amongst the candidates is excellent, and so be sure to take a good look through the portofolio of each photographer. They are Joe Brady, Stephanie ‘Vexanie’ Lindgren, Helena Kristiansson, Adela Sznajder, Robert Paul, and Yong Woo ‘Kenzi’ Kim. This particular snap from an Evo tournament by Robert Frank below caught our eye but there’s plenty more to browse through.

By Robert Paul, Flickr album here

The winners of the remaining categories, all 15 of them, will be decided by a judges panel and revealed on the night of the 21st at The Brewery. Tickets are available and can be purchased here

Esports Insider says: We’ve had our say on the three public categories so if you’re a fan of esports journalism, photography and have enjoyed a new title this year then get over to the site and get your voice heard.