Scrub League Weekly – BlizzCon rip off and collegiate esports in Toronto

03 October 2016


This week on Scrub League, Colin, Kevin and Sam collectively cock their eyebrows at the “virtual” ticket for BlizzCon. Listen to find out what between $40 and $75 bucks gets you (hint: not much).

We also chat with David Rabinovitch, the Founder of Ryerson University’s esports club, which was recently recognized as an official athletic club by the Toronto university. It’s a collegiate esports success story you’ll want to hear no matter what country, continent or planet you hail from.

Later, the Scrubs pay homage to the all-mighty Scarlett, the Canadian StarCraft II player who won the Kings of the North tournament here in Toronto. Someone let Sansa Stark know, we’ve crowned a new Queen of the North.

All that, plus Brooklyn Beatdown, Riot changing the way their players are paid, and more on this week’s episode.