Scrub League Weekly – Canada Cup, Civilization 6 and Darkstalkers 3

31 October 2016


It’s another FGC-centric episode on Scrub League, as Colin, Kevin and Samantha get hyped for the Canada Cup – the Great White North’s largest fighting game tournament. scrubleaguee27

Founder and organizer Lap Chi Duong speaks on the Cup’s journey from a small-time tournament that cost him $20,000 a year out of his own pocket, to the 1,400-person success story it is now.

Then it’s on to Civilization 6: the esport. Yes, you read that right. Team Liquid is trying to make Civ into an esport, and the Scrubs can barely wrap the heads around it.

Next, Scrub League gets a long distance call from Rotanibor, one of the major organizers behind the Darkstalkers 3 tournament scene in Southern California. It’s a 20-year-old game, but you wouldn’t know from the grassroots community that has kept the venerable Capcom title alive and kicking.

Finally, Sam gets the chance to champion her favourite esport: Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard is throwing real money behind the pro playerbase and, if you ask her, it’s a good sign that the MOBA has some life left in it yet.

All that, plus a little chat about Nintendo’s possible future esport plans (Splatooon, really?!) on episode 27 of Scrub League.