Scrub League Weekly- CSGO with the Canadian military, Mark Cuban and Riot’s ‘fan contributions’

17 October 2016


How cool is the Canadian military?

This week on Scrub League, hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha interview the organiser of the Canadian Armed Forces’ first ever esports tournament. The game? CounterStrike.

We talk about the opportunity for brothers and sisters in arms to reconnect through esports, why gaming and the military go hand-in-hand, and the awkwardness that might result if we get a “terrorists win” screen in the final match.

Kevin tells us how some recent research suggestions that esports viewership is eating into non-electronic sports watching, Sam’s got a real issue with how Riot is calling their shiny new $4 million worlds prize pool “fan contributions,” and Colin sings Mark Cuban’s praises for his shrewd non-entry into esports.

All that plus a funeral for beloved gamer broadcast live on twitch, DOTA 2 drama and more on episode 25 of Scrub League.