Scrub League Weekly – Street Fighter, Omega Sparx & Heroes of the Storm

10 October 2016


Put your dukes up and grab your fighting stick, because this week on Scrub League, it’s all about the FGC.

Hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha start the ‘cast with Omega Sparx, one half of video game music duo GameBreax. The lyricist speaks on his latest music, what it was like to actually be featured in a Killer Instinct game after growing up a fan, and the state of the FGC.

Next up, Colin talks Brooklyn Beatdown, and the finals that took two and half hours to actually happen.

But that’s nothing compared to a Capcom Pro Tour ranking event in Brazil where a mysterious someone actually shut off the PS4 in the middle of the grand finals.

It isn’t all about Street Fighter though; Sam gets hyped about the new Heroes of the Storm brawl mode, and Kevin puts the Bros. back in Smash Bros. with some news involving Smash god Armada and his younger brother.