Team Liquid are big believers in Civilization VI as an esport

24 October 2016


Steve Arhancet, Team Liquid

An unforeseen move from Team Liquid has seen them invest in a team in Civilisation VI, with a bold statement posted on the team site claiming that it is ‘inevitable’ that it will become a major esport.

The statement from Team Liquid Co-CEO and Owner Steve Arhancet read as follows: “The strategic depth required in Civilization is beyond compare. Many feel the game is simply too complicated to break into eSports. However, as the gaming community evolves, we are witnessing the rise of elite gamers yearning to display the true level of their skill.

“It is inevitable that Civilization will take its place alongside the top eSports in the world.”

Arhancet, signing off as his tagLiQuiD112, also revealed his personal adoration of the game and his personal connection with it. He said: “While Victor was shaping the competitive StarCraft scene, and before I began competing in League of Legends, I was polishing my competitive bearings with the Civilization franchise. It was through competing in Civilization IV at the highest level that I found the confidence to jump into the world of esports and leave behind my job in the world of finance.”

Stephen ‘MrGameTheory’ Takowsky has joined Liquid as team captain. He said: “It is an honor to be chosen to lead Team Liquid’s Civilization team. Civilization remains the most complicated game in the world, and I am thankful to be part of an organization capable of taking on the challenge.”

Esports Insider says: Did anyone see this coming? A very popular game for sure, which boasts one Mark Zuckerburg as a fan, but whether other orgs will follow suit in their commitment to Civilization as an esports very much remains to be seen. As Arhancet himself states many see the game as ‘too complicated’ to break into esports.