Yamzu selected for BDL Accelerate in Lebanon

20 October 2016


Asiad Majeed, Yamzu

Swedish based startup firm, Yamzu, has revealed that it has been selected to participate in the upcoming global startup competition BDL Accelerate that takes place in Beirut, Lebanon from November 2nd to the 5th. 

BDL Accelerate is annual event that gathers professionals from various industries and allows 100 startups to present their ideas both at their own booth and live on stage.

The event is organised by Banque du Liban and this year it will feature some of the biggest names in the world of entrepreneurship, such as Apple Co-Founder Steve “the Woz” Wozniak, Brian Solis, Ben Huh, and many more.

Asiad Majeed, CEO and Founder of Yamzu commented: “It’s extremly rare to see an esports startup competing in such a renowned competition because esports is still a relatively new market. We are more than honoured to represent Sweden and the entire esports industry at BDL!”

He added: “Just getting to pitch your idea to  these individuals who sort of have a celebrity status in their respective fields is a huge deal itself and the grand prize of €20,000 (£17,864) is just a cherry on top!”. 

Yamzu is an automated esports platform that enables players to compete in their own tournaments for cash and prizes. So far, League of Legends and CounterStrike have been integrated within the platform.

Esports Insider says: Startup life is tough, and for esports firms arguably tougher still right now but with competitions such as this, the EiG Launchpad and the Manatt Digital Launchpad in Vegas next week, esports start ups are getting a helping hand and a big opportunity to impress investors and interested parties. Best of luck Yamzu!

Photo Credit: Nicklas Sundström