Teams confirmed for ECS Season 2 Finals

The online leagues for the second season of the Esports Championship Series (ECS), the league operated by FACEIT and Twitch, concluded at the weekend. This means that the eight teams from Europe and North America have now been confirmed.

The competition spanned the space of just under two months and took place over the two continents. North America concluded their play before Europe, as teams battled with travelling in their schedules. The North American league had a simple view on qualification, as there were enough points to separate everyone into the important places. Europe, however, was a bit messier. The top three teams, Astralis, EnVyUs and FaZe, secured their places with ease.

Winners of ECS Season 1, G2, who narrowly missed out on being able to defend their trophy (source:

The battle for fourth in Europe, however, was a six-way tie. No less than six teams were stuck in a tie that went down to round difference to separate who placed where. This meant the Danes in Team Dignitas qualified for the finals in Anaheim, whereas the Polish fell to the Season 3 promotion tournament. This tie also meant that G2, the inaugural champions, miss out on a chance to defend their trophy.

The full team list is as follows:

Europe North America
Astralis SK Gaming
Team EnVyUs Cloud 9
FaZe Clan OpTic Gaming
Team Dignitas Immortals

The ECS Season 2 finals are to be taking place at the Anaheim Arena in Anaheim, California on the 9th-11th December. Tickets are still available from the ECS website.

Esports Insider says: A high-stakes ending to the league in Europe! It will be interesting once again to see who will manage to claim the title. Astralis powering through ten wins to claim the top seed is also something to keep note of.

It’s a shame G2 narrowly missed out on a chance to try and reclaim their title after their recent troubles, but more showdowns are imminent come December 9th.