Scrub League Weekly – Escaping Donald Trump with Northern Arena

14 November 2016


Episode 29 from our friends at Scrub League. If you’re looking for a little escapism from the Trumped-up reality we now find ourselves in, may we suggest streaming Northern Arena this weekend? The Canadian esports tournament is back, this time hosted in Montreal.

CS:GO, Gears of War 4, DOTA2 and Clash Royale are on the menu, so dive in and think of Hillary.

Scrub League chats with the event’s co-founder, Carl-Edwin Michel, about the esports scene in the Great White North, the possible inclusion of fighting games next time around and how they dealt some of player complaints during their Toronto tournament earlier this year.

Speaking of America’s new overlord-elect, hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha dissect the impact he might have on esports to kick off the show. Immigration, health care and taxes are all areas that could help or hinder the growth of competitive gaming – find out how by listening to this week’s episode.

Later, the Scrubs talk Capcom Cup’s latest rules controversy that could result in a short, more streamlined tournament (but more Street Fighter is always better, right?), how BlizzCon could totally change the HOTS meta, and a Google-made artificial intelligence with its electronic sights set on conquering StarCraft.