Scrub League Weekly – James Chen on the state of Street Fighter

21 November 2016


Break out your fight sticks esports fans, this week Scrub League sits down with a fighting game community veteran.

Commentator extraordinaire and a stone cold killer in Street Fighter II Super Turbo James Chen joins the Scrub League team. 

The fighting game community paragon chats with hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha about everything from the state of Street Fighter today, to who he’s feeling SFV’s season one DLC.

Listen in as Colin melts down, goes full fanboy, and invites Chen to his girlfriend’s birthday party.

Next, Sam gives us her thoughts on the new Heroes of the Dorm documentary (spoiler alter: she’s hype AF) and the collegiate HOTS scene in general.

After that, the Scrubs tackle the latest open letter to Riot from a collection of pro League of Legends teams, discuss the lack of pick-and-ban in Overwatch and Kevin tries to convince everyone that speed-running is an esport.

All that and more on this week’s episode of Scrub League.