Scrub League Weekly – Street Fighter truth bombs, Canada Cup & the Olympics

07 November 2016


Get your note pads out, Street Fighter fans.

SFV pro Van Nguyen stops by Scrub League this week to drop some fighting game knowledge on hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha.

The Toronto-based Set to Destroy member talks about his recent performances at Red Bull Proving Grounds and Canada Cup, Nash being “figured out”, and gives us his thoughts on season two DLC content.

Plus, listen for Nguyen to share some tips on beating his main when you’re face-to-face with Nash.

Speaking of Canada Cup, Scrub League’s own Colin McNeil was in attendance for Canada’s largest fighting game tournament. He shares his thoughts on the event, the community, and the incredible Street Fighter II play he witnessed.

Later on, the Scrubs discuss Jaedong’s retirement, Sam takes us through how physical and mental burnout seems to be the cause behind one of League of Legends’ biggest names leaving the scene, and Street Fighter Five’s less-than-stellar sales.

All that plus esports in the Olympics in 2024? It could happen, it Los Angeles gets its way. Scrub League episode 28 can be heard below.