888poker partners up with FlowEsports

09 December 2016


There are obvious similarities between poker and Hearthstone, both use cards, and poker has chips whilst Hearthstone has life chips. screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-12-30-05-pm

As such news that 888Poker has joined forces with Hearthstone team FlowEsports makes a lot of sense for both parties. We can expect more tournaments, both online and LAN. 

The 888Poker blog reported this week on the news, and stated “In FlowEsports, we (sic) see a group of players that is not only professional but also down-to-earth and extremely talented.”

Of the FlowEsports team, Daniel Märkisch (C4mlann), Tobias Graap (TwoBiers), Vetle Stubberud (Xzirez) and Johannes Steindl (JonnyStoneHS), two of these are also professional poker players. 

Whilst Hearthstone is not one of the biggest esports titles, it still manages 1.7 million streams monthly on Twitch. Daniel Märkisch is amongst the most popular and personally garners 10,000 weekly viewers. 

Esports Insider says: A natural partnership which should help introduce more poker fans to Hearthstone and see more Hearthstone fans tempted to try out poker. Win win.