Health care, the White House and esports

09 December 2016


It has been revealed that Twitch will be livestreaming an esports marathon from the White House in a bid to convince people to sign up for health insurance via in the last throws of the Obama presidency.

The ‘White House Competitive Gaming Event’ will take place on December 12th from 4 to 8pm (ET) and will naturally be able to view on live stream here. Four hours of fun will include pro gamers and celebrities, and will include Street Fighter 5 and Rocket League. You can read the official release here

Shaquille O’Neal is involved, and you can watch one of the promotional videos below…

Brian Petrocelli, Product Marketing Manager for Twitch commented: “We appreciate how the White House has recognized the power and passion of our community. Their desire to present the Competitive Gaming Event to promote health coverage enrollment exemplifies how they continue to have their hand on the pulse of the younger generation.

“We share their enthusiasm since we also see the value of health coverage and encourage everyone to explore their options.”

December 15th is the deadline to sign up and receive coverage from the beginning of 2017. Listen to Shaq and #GetCovered. 

Esports Insider says: The first, and probably the last for a while as we can’t imagine You Know Who being too welcoming, for esports in the White House. Let’s hope it’s a success and does what it’s intended; ensure more people get access, or at least information about, health insurance options throughout the States.