The Malta Electronic Sports Association has launched

07 December 2016


The Malta Electronic Sports Association (MESA) was launched earlier this week following months of effort and preparation. mesa

Thousands of Maltese and Gozitan competitive gamers now have access to a governing body that regulates local esports and that seeks to raise the level of the industry in Malta.

The launch event was hosted at the Montekristo Estates in Luqa, MESA’s main sponsor, and welcomed more than 80 guests that ranged from gamers and students to professional business executives and sports enthusiasts.

The event kicked off with a series of presentations and speeches, including one by the Chairman of SportMalta, the Honourable Dr Luciano Busuttil, who expressed his interest and willingness to collaborate with the Association and its staff. The concise and informative deliveries made one point very clear: esports is bigger than most people think, and it is a viable career option.

MESA President Mr Nicolai Gauci stated that the Association’s plan to set up a National League that would not only encourage local talented individuals to take competitive gaming more seriously, but would also pave the way for a new and higher quality environment for players and organisers alike.

MESA will also be representing local talent on an international level and will be promoting Malta as a destination for esports events and large-scale tournaments.

Gauci commented: “MESA became a reality because of the support of all the Maltese video-gamers that wanted to see a change for the better in the local esports scene.” This word of thanks was also extended to their families who, instead of acting as deterrents, are starting to appreciate how much this industry has to offer.”

Esports Insider says: This week has seen a formal announcement from the British Esports Association, and now an entirely new association set up in Malta. With more and more countries’ scenes gaining access to bodies like these, it should go some way in helping esports to grow as a professional industry.