Plays.TV to bring automated highlights to FACEIT

21 December 2016

Share has launched the integration of its Automated Highlights features for FACEIT

Dennis Fong,

This means that’s full match replays and video highlights will be available to all the platform’s six million plus competitive gamers.

Fans will also be able to link their FACEIT and accounts to record gameplay during FACEIT competitions with Plays, and there’ll be player highlights on both profile and match pages.

Another feature of this partnership will be POV (Point of Vew) match highlights which’ll appear on a player’s FACEIT profile and match pages. is a platform which allows players to share their best moments through its interface with easily embeddable video clip-sharing functionality. The aim has been to make sharing personal gaming highlights easy. It has seen considerable investment and boasts over 12 million monthly players, these being a mixture of professional and amateur.

The automated highlights functionality is currently operational for the big three esports titles as well as Rocket League and Overwatch with more in the pipeline. 

Esports Insider says: With original pro gamer Dennis Fong in charge’s content is reliably top notch and bringing it FACEIT’s massive audience is great news for both platforms, and fans too.