Puji Capital invests in esports group aXiomatic

22 December 2016


Puji Capital is continuing its support and investment holdings in global digital media and entertainment companies by making a strategic investment into the esports industry. Copyright: goodween123 / 123RF Stock Photo

On Wednesday the Asia-based investment company made an announcement of its latest investment into aXiomatic, an esports ownership and management group led by Peter Guber and Ted Leonsis. 

Since September 2016, aXiomatic has been making high-profile investments into the esports industry, including the controlling interest of Team Liquid and a lead investment into the series C financing for recreational league, Super League Gaming.

Alex Szeto, Director of Puji commented: “The esports industry has been part of Puji’s strategic roadmap in investments into the global media ecosystem for some time. We have reviewed a number of investment opportunities in eSports but had not found a partner / team / company who similarly shares Puji’s global vision until aXiomatic. We are thrilled to be part of this investment.”

 “Given our active presence in both the US and China markets, we hope to provide more strategic opportunities and investments to bridge this uniquely growing esports industry with aXiomatic. We fully believe the exciting growth potential of the industry and are confident of the company’s opportunity to be a true global influencer.”

According to Szeto, Puji Capital will continue to invest and act as that “bridge” between China and Hollywood for all facets of media and entertainment. 

There are a number of other notable investors in aXiomatic including Magic Johnson, Steve Case ( Co-Founder of AOL), Ted Leonsis (Founder & Chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment) and more.

Esports Insider says: More big money in esport, and specifically more big money in aXiomatic, so we can expect some further significant moves from them in Q1 of 2017. We can expect some more team takeovers to be announced in the first part of next year too with FC Copenhagen reportedly close to a deal.