St.Gallen snaps up FIFA player Neysk11L

12 December 2016


Pascal Kesseli, St Gallen FC

St.Gallen has become the latest professional football club, and the first in Switzerland, to sign up a FIFA player to represent them. 

As reported by TagBlatt, Sandro ‘Neysk11L’ Poschinger is the individual in this case, though the club also revealed that more will likely follow. The question of the club entering other esports titles is something that is not reportedly on the cards for the time being. The lack of commitment from football clubs in other titles is a key area of criticism from some endemic voices.

Seventeen year old Poschinger will be supported and guided by former Swiss FIFA pro, Thomas Temperli, who takes up a coaching role at Switzerland’s oldest club. Poschinger stated: “It is an honor for me to be able to represent a club as big as FC St.Gallen in 1879. I was born in St.Gallen, FCSG fan, so it fits all together – that’s fantastic.”

Pascal Kesseli, CEO at FC St. Gallen Event AG said: “The development in esports is impressive and it’s an industry which is moving fast. We are convinced of the potential of its potential. The fact that we play a pioneering role in Switzerland with this step in esports once again, means we are even more pleased.”

German agency Esports Reputation were also involved in the deal going ahead. 

Esports Insider says: So St.Gallen become the first club in Switzerland to make a move in esports then, which is unexpected after rumblings that FC Luzern were making plans.