Team Dignitas parts ways with CS:GO Team

Team Dignitas, a leading esports organisation recently bought out by NBA’s 76’ers, have announced they have parted ways with their CS:GO roster.

The roster currently occupies the sixth place on the rankings, so the squad suddenly leaving at the end of their contract shocked the Esports scene.

The organisation have held Danish line-ups since 2014, where they held the roster that has since become Astralis. In 2015, they signed a roster led by Mathais “MSL” Lauridsen. Whilst pretty much every player on that original roster has moved around, MSL remained their one constant, eventually forming their current line-up.

team dignitas
The now former Team Dignitas roster, after qualifying for the ELEAGUE Major this weekend. (source:

Commentators are generally unsure of why the split has occurred. Most thoughts were generally dispelled when the team’s coach, Casper “ruggah” Due, tweeted out a statement from the team. This tells us that any further news will come out in January, and until then it’s up in the air. The prominent notion from the statement, however, is that the CS:GO roster decided not to re-sign with the organisation.

Whether or not this was down to Dignitas being out-bid by another organisation, or other factors were involved, is still unknown.

The statement from Team Dignitas clearly states that they’re not leaving CS:GO behind. The organisation intends to build an “elite international Counter Strike: Global Offensive team based in North America”. Whether or not this means that they’re going to be signing a North American side, or will be importing a team or international talent to the USA is still to be seen.

Esports Insider says: The Danish roster leaving Dignitas returns echoes of when TSM did the same at the end of 2015. That organisation is yet to see success from their North American side, so many behind Dignitas will be hoping that they don’t follow in that steed.