Copenhagen to have an esports centre built

06 January 2017


A lot of esports noise has been coming out of Copenhagen in recent times, from the partnership between FC Copenhagen and Nordisk Film to Copenhagen Flames’ link up with Travel SenseCopyright: vrej / 123RF Stock Photo

Now it has been revealed that the Danish capital is getting its own 1.75m Danish Krone (£200,000) esports centre. 

Carl Christian Ebbesen, Copenhagen’s Deputy Mayor for Culture and Leisure Issues, told the Copenhagen Post Online: “Esports is the new black, and it’s seeing hasty growth with new associations popping up everywhere. With a centre dedicated to esports it will be possible for even more Copenhageners to play esports and game.”

The centre will be located at Grøndal Multicenter in the city’s northwest district, and its location at a sports centre is no mere coincidence. The aim is to give esports players the opportunity to also stay fit by having facilities to go to the gym, play football, badminton or whatever else to hand. The esports centre will work in a similar fashion to this centre too in that facilities will be available to rent by individuals and groups.

One notable inclusion is that the centre will have its own esports coach to help would-be pros improve their game. 

Esports Insider says: Centres such as this will become more and more commonplace in the next few years. The decision to include it as a part of a traditional sports centre is a good one, and Copenhagen is making a name for itself as a Scandinavian hub for competitive gaming.