Check out ‘Shortcut’ – a new take on the gaming keyboard

05 January 2017


Luis ‘Deilor’ Sevilla has revealed via his Youtube channel an ergonomic keyboard aimed at esports players and gamers which is focused on ensuring their long term health.

Titled ‘Shortcut‘ the project is the latest in esports for Sevilla, who is a former League of Legends coach for Fnatic and EU LCS champion, and the central aim is that it will help stave off injuries which are becoming ever more commonplace amongst top players. You can see the keyboard and Deilor’s presentation below…

Just as top traditional sports clubs invest in physio teams to ensure best prevention practice with injuries, and the latest and greatest in kit and training technology, top esports organisations will do the same as more money pours into the industry and keeping their players at peak condition becomes increasingly essential. So a keyboard designed for this purpose, and designed by a former pro gamer and a coach, should generate some interest. 

Would you try and play League with this?

It is also stated that this will help improve levels of comfort and performance, assumedly that’s once players have gotten used to it, in addition to reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. It is equally suited and adaptable whether you’re left or right handed. 

As Deilor notes: “What we consider the gaming keyboard was designed 30 years ago and has the technical limitations of a 200 year old typewriter.” It is a prototype for now but Deilor welcomes all and anyone to be involved with making it happen. It’s open source to allow anyone to try to play around with and improve it. There is also a questionnaire for those that aren’t too savvy with development. 

Esports Insider says: It looks like it belongs in Westworld but it could soon be a part of ours. Anything that can help prevent injuries will grab the attention of team owners, not to mention numerous casual, semi-pro and professional players themselves. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.