ESL UK launches CS:GO bootcamp

26 January 2017


ESL UK has announced that Team Endpoint and Team Impulse, two ESL Premiership organisations, have been awarded the chance to attend a three day, all-expenses-paid bootcamp to develop their skills and cohesion as developing pro teams. 

Will Attwood, ESL UK

Both teams will attend from the third to the sixth of February this year. They’ll compete in their ESL Premiership games live from the Leicester based studio, before spending two full days bootcamping. The tireless two will then be taking part in a showcase at ICE Totally Gaming in London which runs from the seventh to the ninth at the ExCeL in London. 

Will Attwood, Product Manager for the ESL Premiership, said: “We’re incredibly pleased to be able to offer this kind of opportunity to the best and brightest teams in the United Kingdom. Developing the skill and cohesion of esports teams in the United Kingdom is paramount to the transition from semi-professional to full-time professional.

“We’re excited to be part of this journey with both Endpoint and Impulse. We look forward to finding new ways to support the growth of esports in the United Kingdom as move forward through 2017.”

Adam Jessop, CEO of Team Endpoint, added: “Having the opportunity to bootcamp at the ESL studio is a great chance for the team to continue working on their progression. Whilst the majority of the team were in attendance at Insomnia 59, it’s the first time they will have met up together offline with our newest addition, George ‘HudzG’ Hoskins. We are proud to be a part of this seasons ESL UK & Ireland Premiership, and playing our game under the studio lights will provide the team with additional focus and experience.”

Lewis James, of Impulse Gaming, : “At Impulse Gaming we are always trying to provide the best opportunities for our players to support them in the scene, thanks to ESL for inviting us to their upcoming bootcamp our players are again able to experience even more.”

Esports Insider says: Great to see ESL UK giving its scene more support and uses its powers to help them develop. We expect this won’t stop at CS:GO, nor with Impulse and Endpoint, and that this is just the starting point for ESL UK’s esports bootcamps.