Esports scholarships now available at Toronto University

23 January 2017

University of Toronto

As esports enters universities in various countries, Toronto has stepped up in the land of Justin Trudeau and syrup to offer Canadians a chance at an esports scholarship. 

This will be known as the Victor Xin Scholarship in esports and the first will be dished out in autumn of 2018. To be eligible undergraduate students must ‘demonstrate a passion for esports’, be involved in extracurricular activities around gaming and esports, and have a 3.5 (or higher) GPA. That’s grade point average for the Brits.

The $1,000 (£606) scholarship will also only be available to those in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

Victor Xin, who is himself a Toronto 2008 graduate, commented: “We should reward leadership attributes no matter how they manifest themselves. I want to help students who pursue leadership and personal development but go about it a different way. There are trailblazers on campus who are rallying a different set of students to build campus organisations focused on an alternative way of learning to lead and succeed in life.

“Society may not recognise them yet – but we shouldn’t let them fall through the cracks. I hope esports becomes even more mainstream and draws more attention. Then students who are passionate about esports can get the recognition they deserve and the support they need to succeed.”

Esports Insider says: We’re thoroughly enjoying seeing these esports scholarships emerging in various countries. The more esports in higher education the merrier!