Esport-Talk: AKAWonder on Hearthstone

11 January 2017


We’ve partnered up with the excellent and committed team at Esport Talk to bring their content to a wider audience. 

In the first podcast of this partnership Esports Talk’s Martin Schenk chatted with Hearthstone SK Gaming pro Esteban ‘AKAWonder’ Serrano.

Serrano is probably most famous for winning the ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series 2016 in Katowice in the spring. The Esports Talk team discussed how his first major championship has affected his play and his career. 

AKAwonder is now regarded as one of the top Hearthstone players on the scene and is looking to take another major title this year. Schenk also quizzed him on what games he used to play as a kid, how he got into esports and whether Hearthstone can be considered a balanced game at the moment?

As esports moves more and more into the ‘mainstream’ Hearthstone is well placed to attract poker players and is easier to understand than say League of Dota for a newcomer. It has vast commercial opportunities and this is already being realised with a partnership between Hearthstone team FlowEsports and 888Poker.

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