Ginx TV will deliver another series of The First Hour

27 January 2017


Ginx Esports TV, the company based in London which has seen investment from the likes of Sky and ITV,  has announced that it will be delivering another series of The First Hour. 

This is a show that looks at the first hour of gameplay from a number of games, and hosts Adam Savage and Anthony Richardson will be returning.

The new series will comprise of 24 hour long episodes but this time around more games will be looked at such as Overwatch, League, CS:GO and more. 

The release stated that the producers will decide on a title to test the hosts with each week, and that this could be any of the titles mentioned above or the likes of FIFA, Battlefield 1 or Heroes of the Storm could feature. We can expect some special guests taking part in certain episodes with audiences of the major esports titles in particular will demand a higher level of analysis. 

Esports Insider says: Ginx TV produces some engaging content in shows such as The Bridge. Whether content in The First Hour format can be as engaging relies almost exclusively on the hosts ability to be captivating. We reckon Savage and Richardson will deliver.