KontrolFreek launches Performance Gaming Wear line

24 January 2017


Ashish Mistry, Kontrol Freek

KontrolFreek has today announced its new Performance Gaming WearTM apparel line which is specifically designed for gamers and esports professionals. 

There are various items in the collection aimed at enticing gamers with the first release in the form of hoodies and shorts. Both feature DRYV® technology aimed at ensuring the wearer stays fresh. 

Based in Atlanta, KontrolFreek is a ‘global performance gaming and lifestyle brand’ and its products can be found in more than 9,000 retail locations in 40 countries. It’s probably best known for its console gaming gear, such as its performance thumbsticks controller grips. 

Ashish Mistry, CEO of KontrolFreek commented: “Our extensive research indicated there was a need within the eSports community for performance garb tailored to the gaming lifestyle. When developing our Performance Gaming Wear apparel, we coordinated directly with top gaming professionals to ensure our apparel met to the specific needs of the competitive gaming community.

“We strategically placed DRYV® Dry Hand Zones in our garments to provide multiple areas where gamers naturally reach to dry their palms and fingers. With DRYV®, we decrease thumb slippage and, therefore, increase accuracy and control. Grip and accuracy are hallmarks of the KontrolFreek brand.”

Esports Insider says: With Adidas getting involved via Team Vitality, we mustn’t forget that there are more endemic clothing brands focused on elevating esports apparel themselves. KontrolFreek is a major supplier and the first of this new line was unofficially debuted at the MLG tournament in Vegas back in December 2016.