New competitive card game Hands of Victory deputes on Battlefy

27 January 2017


Many often comment on the similarities between poker and esports. Both are games of skill with pro players winning vast sums, people watch the best of the best compete and analyse each in great depth. 

Kim Lund, Aftermath

The similarities are closer still between certain esports, namely Hearthstone, but new title Hands of Victory is looking to make a name for itself in this niche. 

The novel poker-themed game recently launched its beta version 1.1 and developer Aftermath Interactive has decided to escalate testing by hosting a series of bracket tournaments on the Battlefy esports platform.

Eight preliminary events feeding into one final will allow the team behind Hands of Victory to test new aspects of the browser-based and tablet-optimised game and gather feedback on the game’s merits as a recreational esport.

The game’s Lead Developer Kim Lund commented: “Hands of Victory isn’t yet fully optimised for heads-up play so this is definitely an experiment. But the mode has performed well enough during testing for it to make sense to try it on Battlefy’s great platform. We look forward to watching players tackle the many new tactical and strategic challenges that Hands of Victory presents.” 

Meet ‘Shuffler’, one of the Hands of Victory playable characters

Hands of Victory distinguishes itself as a hero based game that allows players to customise and use various mental abilities that facilitate different play styles. The format is either 1v1 (2 player) or 1v1v1v1 (4 player) and each game is scored meaning that it doesn’t just matter if you win, but how you win. 

Each Beta Bracket Brawl preliminary will host up to 16 players in a best-of-two single elimination bracket format. In the event of players winning one game each, the player with the highest total score across the two games will go through.

The winners of all the preliminaries will face off in another best-of-two single elimination Beta Bracket Brawl final. The first preliminary takes place on January 31. The final is scheduled for February 7. There’ll be a $500 prize pool with anyone 18 or over able to enter. Learn more here, and you can register for the tournament here

Esports Insider says: The crossover between poker fans and fans of certain esports titles is obvious. This is why we’ve seen partnerships formed between the likes of Team Liquid and Poker Stars. This game is zoning in on that crossover and has created a great game which should bring poker players into the esports mix once and for all.