Scrub League Weekly – SFV players’ plight and ergonomic health

23 January 2017


Scrub League turns up the debate dial on this its eclectic 38th episode.

First, hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha resurrect an old favourite topic after the World Electronic Sports Games in China: Olympic-style competition in esports. The WESG’s event might not have been perfect, but it could be a sign of things to come.

Next it’s all about the future of streaming, as Sam discusses the fallout from YouTube’s acquisition of ESL English broadcasting rights, and why she likes YouTube more than Twitch.

Fight fans should steel themselves for the next topic: A recent slew of stats released about Street Fighter V’s online scene by the folks at V-League. Colin goes off on the SFV match-making system, how tough it is in the bronze trenches for newcomers, and dissects a list of the most popular character in the game (why doesn’t anyone play Chun-Li!?).

Finally, sit up straight and drop your shoulders. Kevin breaks down some health tips for both PC and console gamers courtesy of Dr. Caitlin McGee, a.k.a Lurkaderp (seriously).