Scrub League Weekly – Talking EVO 2017

30 January 2017


This week Scrub League is turning up the hype meter for EVO.

The world’s biggest fighting game tournament has announced a roster of eight games, including a special ninth spot that will be determined by fan vote. Will Marvel Vs Capcom 3 make it to its final EVO ever? Will the Killer Instinct community rise to the occasion and propel their game of choice into the spotlight?

And speaking of KI – what exactly is going on with this supposed ban on “teabagging” (in-game taunting) at the Killer Instinct World Cup? It’s a confusing yarn that has the folks at KIWC looking like they’re not even sure what they’re saying.

Hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha chat with Chi-Rithy, arguably Canada’s best fighting game player, about all that and more.

But that’s not all. Kevin breaks down the cloud of controversy surrounding the Genesis 4 Smash Bros. 4 event, and how the now infamous Smash Box did at that tournament this past weekend.

And finally, on this 39th episode of Scrub League, host Colin McNeil drops a bomb: he’s leaving the podcast. Find out why, and what it means for the future of Scrub League by listening in.