Scrub League Weekly – Talking SMITE with Hi-Rez’s esports boss

16 January 2017


Break out your high definition headphones, because this episode of Scrub League is…. Hi-Rez.

Hosts Colin and Kevin chat with Dan McHugh, senior esports manager at the company behind SMITE and Paladins. You could call it a divine interview. Godlike, even.

Dan takes the Scrubs through Hi-Rez’s 2017 plans, explains why SMITE has such dedicated, passionate fans, and says last weekend’s Hi-Rez expo was the best ever.

Then it’s on to the FGC as Colin gives props to SFV EVO champ Infiltration for sticking up for the casual Street Fighter player base. Kevin makes the case for speed running as an esport (no, seriously), and the boys round out the show by recapping the latest blow to Riot Games: the departure of Doa and Montecristo from the League of Legends scene.