ASUS sponsors the WPGI Womens Esports League

20 February 2017


WPGI Womens Esports League has announced a partnership with ASUS

The terms of the partnership will see WPGI players use ASUS hardware at the Gold Coast LAN finals on March 5th, 2017. The WPGI Womens Esports League is an Australian Esports Media Group company, and was founded this year after a host of one day events throughout 2016.

ASUS joins seven other event partners but is undoubtedly the most well known name globally. 

This year, six all female teams will compete for a $10,000 AUD (£6,200) prize with teams also benefiting from further support in the form of a match stipend, and flights and accommodation covered for the finals on the Gold Coast. For would be attendees, tickets are $10 for the standard option with VIP alternatives available for $59. Teams such as Ravens, Dark Sided and Athletico Esports are amongst those attending. 

Event Director James Cowan stated: “Words alone cannot convey how excited I am to launch WPGI with ASUS, and change the competitive landscape for women in esports.

“For many years Oceania has been behind the global esports curve, but today we start to change that. through WPGI we hope to set the standard for leagues not just here in Oceania, but worldwide.”  

Esports Insider says: The WPGI league is great for diversity in esports generally and for the Oceanic scene as a whole. A big sponsor like ASUS coming on board is a testament to both the organisers and all stakeholders involved.