Esport Talk – Team Liquid’s MaNa

15 February 2017


This week on Esport Talk listeners were once again treated to some StarCraft gold.

Grzegorz ‘MaNa’ Komincz rocked up in the studio to talk Team Liquid, dogs and Starcraft. The 23 year old MaNa also discusses his family plans. 

The Liquid player talks openly about his hopes and plans for the upcoming season. Reportedly he is everything but done with his playing career. The former mousesports player has now been with Liquid for close to three years. You can keep tabs and follow him on Twitter here.

MaNa also explains how he’s not quite satisfied with the game’s balance, and even proposes a radical redesign of his race, Protoss, but Gergrotze makes clear that he’s still more than dedicated to StarCraft. StarCraft is regarded as one of the more difficult esports title in the space, and the Polish pro states that he loves a challenge. 

If you have ever asked yourself how MaNa became a pro gamer or what his family thinks about his profession, then this episode of Esport-Talk was tailor made for you. 

Listen below and if you like what you hear  Esport Talk have other podcasts with the likes of Starcraft player TLO and Hearthstone player AKAWonder.