Genvid Technologies announces new partners & integrations at GDC

27 February 2017


Game technology solutions provider Genvid Technologies has today announced a series of partnerships and game integrations at the 2017 Game Developers Conference (GDC). 

This includes the first interactive stream of a VR game on YouTube. For those attending GDC, Genvid will host a live showcase and technical session on March 1 at 11am at booth #333 in Moscone’s South Hall.

Genvid CEO Jacob Navok commented: “At this year’s GDC, game developers will get their first chance to touch our unrivaled streaming technology. We’ve enjoyed working with our developer partners to create VR and MOBA showcases that are going to blow people away. We’re also announcing our Unity plugin, which comes hot on the heels of our existing UE4 support.”

Atli Sveinsson, CEO of Directive Games in Shanghai added: “We have had a strong need for the right way to showcase live matches of our VR title to large audiences. Genvid’s ability to power viewer interactivity on livestreaming platforms like YouTube is unlike anything else out there and it has the potential to change esports forever by allowing the kind of real live engagement and impact that today is only possibly when supporters go to the stadium to cheer their teams.”

Fractured Space by Edge Case Games

Genvid will also discuss its new integration with the UK-based studio Edge Case Games for its MOBA title Fractured Space.This will allow stream viewers to spectate live matches of the game from their perspective of choice and interact with the stream as though they were ‘in the game’. 

Edge Case CEO James Brooksby commented: “We want viewers of Fractured Space to have the best experience possible and Genvid’s technology allows us to provide a richer experience than has ever been possible before. Both our existing community and newcomers alike will be able to have deeper, more connected experiences with our game as a result.”

Genvid also noted that it’ll be showcasing the latest updates to its work with iLLOGIKA for Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament, and that there had been extensive interest from media agencies in addition to game developers. 

In a wave of news from the New York based company, Genvid has announced its latest release of its SDK (software development kit) that includes a plugin for the game engine Unity. This allows any Unity game developer to quickly get started with interactive streams over YouTube, and offers the opportunity to monetize live streams. 

Esports Insider says: We’ll be catching up with Genvid for an interview about all this, but the opportunity to monetise live streams and offering independent game developers, alongside others, an a new option to drive revenue is an exciting premise. They’re bound to generate some attention at GDC.