Red Bull’s full series on Bjergsen is now available

01 February 2017


The entirety of Red Bull Leader in the Lane series on Bjergsen is now available to view as of today.

The web series, which focuses on Bjergsen’s rise to fame, is in three parts and episode three titled Learning to Lead hit Youtube yesterday. This is the conclusive element and so naturally looks at his emergence as the captain of TSM. You can watch it below.

The first episode looks at his beginnings, playing League of Legends in Denmark and his momentous decision to move to the USA to further his career. The second is about Team SoloMid’s troubles in 2014 and Andy Dinh’s decision to gut the team leaving all but Bjergsen in place. 

Each clocks in at around 10 minutes making the series a solid 30 minute back to back watch. 

Esports Insider says: Any TSM or LoL fan should definitely put aside half an hour to watch the full story of the Danish midlaner. Good content from Red Bull.