Strongbow Investments provide $22million estate gaming house to team M19

14 February 2017


Strongbow Investments, a portfolio assets investment group, have sponsored LCL League of Legends team M19 (previously Albus Nox Luna) for an undisclosed amount and provided a new estate gaming house, valued at $22,000,000 (~£17.5m).

According to reports on Yahoo here,  the investment is “comparable to the top 10 largest esports organisations in the world”, and with the house on top of it, it’s undoubtedly huge money. 

Andrei Mikheyev, Head of M19 revealed the organisation’s plans to create a large esports organisation in Russia. Although they’ve started with a League of Legends team, they’ve revealed that they also plan to enter Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive; the other two huge esports titles. With considerable interest in both Dota and CS:GO in the Russian region, M19 would likely attract a large fan-base.

According to the M19 press release, the huge investment will go towards developing esports teams and new players as well as providing a healthy esports environment – something that has become increasingly important as esports has developed. Each player will have a tailored training program which is set to include physical education and work with sports psychologists. 

Esports Insider says: Seriously, watch the video in the article. If M19 are reading this, ESI are putting together a Rocket League team to falter at the first hurdle due to a rumoured unstable internet connection. We would love to come and boot-camp with you. On a more professional note, if this investment achieves its goals then it can only be great for esports and especially the CIS region.